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Ai, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning

The team behind Bitenny is well versed in developing effective AI solutions and has over 20 years of experience in the field. Because of this, the developers are able to bring cutting edge concepts of AI, machine learning, and deep learning to market analysis and trading support, giving our users the very best advantages in this growing market.

Natural Language Components

Interaction between the user and Prally, and the user and other automated aspects of the network, will be handled by a smart chatbot. This chatbot will be based upon AI technology and will incorporate support for text2text, text2speech, speech2speech, and speech2text for effective two-way communication.

Fraud detection

AI is key to Bitenny's security and compliance architecture and sits at the heart its fraud detection protocols.

Both machine learning and deep learning will play a part in this, and we will apply a comprehensive array of industry standard scenarios, covering fraud detection on the transaction-level, suspicious account activity detection, and changes to payment frequency or profiles, as well as unusual activity between accounts.

Real-time automatic trading engine

B-RATE - the Bitenny Real-Time Automatic Trading Engine - is designed to give users the insight and the scope they need to execute winning trades in the market.

The engine is based on both rules and rule inference as well as deep learning concepts and neural networks. The result is a powerful tool which can predict the likelihood of specific future market scenarios.

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